Amina - Belly Dance

Amina – Belly Dance

Amina is not a belly dancer and never claimed to do be so, “Belly Dancer” is just the part of lyrics.  So just to make it clear that the similarity makes the  difference, the video is posted into the same category. Never the less her music are purely oriented like Natasha Atlas’ music and u must listen it to […]

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darya belly dancing

Darya Belly Dancing at Miss Oriental Latvia

Here’s  Darya belly dancing in the Miss Oriental 2009 competition. Well she was the second runners up. Her dancing is good but the way she is dressed up doesn’t make her look sexy. One thing she shares with the world is that, Size doesn’t matter when it comes to belly dancing.

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alexandra belly dancer

Alexandra Solo Belly Dance

I know people, you want some more. Here’s Alexandra doing solo belly dancing. She is another bomb on the stage. She moves her body like the music is hitting her. She has been inspiring a lot of dancer, She is flawless!

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maya belly dancer

Maya Belly Dancing

Unlike Didem,Sadie and Fifi, Maya is totally a different type of dancer. She is just beautiul with the power of dance she has. Well words just dry up at the back of my throat so i cant describe her more, she is something. Enjoy Maya’s Dance.

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belly dance music

Mezdeke Bellydancing

I am loving the music. Ever since i started listening to Arab music am falling in love with Arab culture. This song is perfect for belly dancing. Fantastic, i can somehow find a great love story in this music. Just dance and enjoy the music.

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BellyDancer at Hilton Hotel in Abu Dhabi

BellyDancer at Hilton Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Not only the belly dance is an Arabic cultural dance it is widely performed in bars, hotels and in various ceremonial occasion. The dance not only speaks about the music and the dance motions it also showcase the various type of costumes used during the performance.

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belly dance by amina

Belly Dancing by Amina

Help needed in here, as per my knowledge Amina is a musician and not a belly dancer. I was little confused, like you guys are, but Amina is beautiful in this video. To be frank, she is not really a belly dancer, she is just singing so that she could stand her fame in belly […]

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Lebanese Belly Dance - Dina Jamal

Lebanese Belly Dance – Dina Jamal

She performs in front  of the audiences with full dance gestures and belly dance motions. The belly dance is not only the normal dace to the beat of the rhythm but it is also an art.

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Nathalie belly dance

Amazing Bellydance by Nathalie

Wow! She is an inspiration. Nathalie left me spellbound, she is amazing. I am now jealous of her, its been honor for me to post her and share with the world. I could watch her dance all day. Damn!

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Didem belly dancing

Turkish Belly Dance By Didem

Presenting Didem.This is the sexiest dance over! what more you expect. looking at her i understand this much you don’t have to show any more skin to be sexy. She has this perfect body and she is  beautiful. The videos is  entertaining and the song is lovely. Belly Dance should be respected.

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amazing belly dance

Sensational Belly Dance

First of all, her outfit she is wearing is beautiful. The music is soft and good, the exceptional part is she is dissolved in the music and drives you with her. She is stunning and an amazing dancer. She keeps it simple yet attractive.

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Egyptian Bellydancer Dina

Egyptian Belly Dancer Dina

She being a middle eastern nationality she is doing it to make her cultural heritage proud. Her body is stunning and beautiful and she keeps on dancing as it is a work for an art and nothing related to shame.

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