Two Amateur Dancers First Try, Belly Dance

These two girls, decide that they wanna learn how to belly dance. And so they get into the feel and start shaking and doing their things. Not too bad for new and huge potential

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Sexy Arab Girl Belly Dance SMOKING HOT!

This girl has a body worth killing over. She shakes it, and does things you can only imagine. She shakes everything she can. She moves fluidly and dances like there’s no tomorrow. The outfit is a big + as well.

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Sexy Israeli Girl, Belly dance

Possibly one of the hottest out door belly dance’s ever. This Belly dance is very  sexy and will cheer up the saddest man.  She shakes her hips every which way and makes it seem eloquent and sexy.Do not underestimate her because of her youth this girls been dancing for a while.

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Sexy Mature Lady, Belly Dance

Dont let her age fool you. This woman can MOVE IT.Carlla Sillveira has dedicated herself to the art of Oriental Dance for 8 years and is considered one of the best Brazilian dancers, winner of the National Bellydance Contest of São Paulo in november 2000. Her teachers were the Brazilian dancers Najua and Lulu Sabongi and […]

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White girl, Belly dance HOT!

White girl shows you her moves, she moves her hips every which way possible and then some!  She shakes it in slow ‘mo and she shakes it fast.  She belly dances like her life DEPENDS on it. Quiet possibly one of the sexiest belly dances ever.

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Sexy arab girl dance

Desi Arabic Dance, Belly Dance

Sexy Arab girl does her own style of belly dance. This dance will leave you wanting more of this beautiful girl. The belly dance is unique and has her own way of showing off her unique moves to audiences world wide.

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Sexy Sadie Doing Hot Belly Dance

Sadie Belly Dance, The best belly dancer

Sadie is an International performing artist, instructor and choreographer recognized worldwide as one of today’s most exciting and innovative Belly Dance artists. As one of the most sought after performers and teachers of Belly Dance,

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